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Psychotherapy provides direction and practical support in effecting change. A solution focus helps you to articulate what you want to change and where you want to get to; and proven techniques from the fields of cognitive and behavioural psychology provide practical solutions to put into effect during the week.



Ultimately our behaviour and experience aren’t just determined by conscious thought and intent. Hypnotherapy teaches you how to relax deeply, access resources and reach understandings that wouldn’t be possible through conscious thought alone.  Recorded audio listened to during the week also helps to ensure progress between sessions.



Mindfulness teaches you to be your own therapist, provides you with insight into how your mind works and essentially, provides the breadth of perspective that allows to better co-exist with problematic thoughts, responses, feelings and physical sensations.  This provides a significant reduction in suffering so that you can focus on what really matters to you.

Effective, long-lasting relief from Stress and Anxiety


My Approach

The three components of therapy outlined above are critical to ensuring lasting solutions for a wide range of issues. Together they enable you to detach yourself from your thoughts and feelings so that you can focus on doing the things that you value, and being the kind of person you choose to be, even in challenging circumstances. 


After being in clinical practice for over 20 years and learning from some of the most respected practitioners in the UK and US, it is this combination that has proved most effective in helping clients with a wide range of issues.


In addition to helping private clients, I teach on our national diploma and advanced diploma programmes for hypnotherapists and run courses on Happiness and Mindfulness for public groups and corporate clients.


To find out more about this approach and how it can help you, I offer an initial consultation at no cost.  If you are interested, please contact me using the form or telephone number below.


Specialising in...

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Addressing general anxiety, specific fears and phobias, social anxiety and panic attacks

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Providing relief from stresses arising from work, relationships and difficult circumstances.



Resolving specific phobias such as flying, spiders and injections, and those that are more generalised like social phobias and agoraphobia.



Providing a realistic sense of personal capability, particularly in relation to new situations and challenging circumstances

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Resolving difficulties with people from work, family members, friends and partners.

Sleeping Baby


Addressing logistical & psychological issues getting to sleep, waking too early or interrupted sleep.

Covid 19 and

Online Therapy

At present, all sessions are conducted online using secure video-conferencing software. This provides:

  • Greater protection from Covid 19

  • Freedom from travel time and expenses

  • Greater flexibility of session times 

  • Continuation of sessions when away on business or holidays

Sessions can be run using Zoom or Skype, you just need a reasonable internet connection and a phone, tablet or laptop to run the software, plus somewhere comfortable to lie down and headphones for the hypnotherapy part of the session.  


Naturally it helps to separate yourself physically and audibly from anyone you live with to ensure privacy.

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