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There is a significant advantage to not being wedded to a particular mode of therapy.  There are so many forms of therapy that have .  The advantage of an eclectic approach means that not limited to the good and the bad of each mode but can select the ones that are best researched and more importantly match the needs


So as a generalisation you wouldn’t want someone who is internally focused, very analytical and obsessed with their thoughts to do cognitive behavioural therapy - as it would encouraged the aspects of that person’s experience that has shown to be toxic.  Elements are useful

Blog - which type of therapy would be best for me?


Since 2003 I have diplomas in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, advanced diploma in hypnotherapy and 15 years of experience learning, teaching mindfulness techniques and processes.  I teach dealing with significant fears and phobias, smoking and other addictions, at the diploma course, and for advanced students, mindfulness and the science of happiness.


Online therapy since lockdown


Solution focused not problem focused


Member of the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapists

Member of the Association for Contextual Behavioural Science

Member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy NCH

Member of the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council



Hypnosis provides the means...
Hypnosis is a natural method of altering your state of mind so that your subconscious programming can be accessed, and new insights and understandings can be formed.

...but it's not just hypnosis…
Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis combined with behavioural and cognitive therapies and it is this combination that helps you gain fresh attitudes and new ways of thinking about things. In effect you are given the opportunity to reassess any faulty programming that you may have received in childhood, and change any beliefs or behaviours driven by primitive instincts. 

The treatment is tailored to your circumstances…
A programme of therapy is designed according to your preferences, your personality and your needs. The length of treatments might range from three sessions for a clear-cut phobia to perhaps 10, hour-long sessions for someone who is clinically depressed. The use of relaxation and self-hypnosis tapes is an integral part of the course. Each session costs £75.00

…but this information is insufficient.
I would recommend a free, introductory consultation to discuss in detail what the programme will entail, what changes to expect, and to ensure that this is right for you. This will be unnecessary for anti-smoking therapy, which is straightforward and can be dealt with in just one double session. 
To make an appointment please call: 07989 576456 or email:

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